The Garden Conspiracy

Satan has been given many nicknames and appellations over the years, but the one of his being a "snake" or serpent is probably the most fitting. Just like a snake likes to hide in the midst something that is usually naturally beautiful and enticing, the devil lurks in the shadows, hiding behind visually and physically appealing and stimulating things. And he lurks there for no good reason other than to lure some unsuspecting soul into doing what he wants them to do so that he can destroy them.

Today, even more so than when this book was written 25 years ago, the devil is alive and well with his deception, and wreaking havoc on humanity. Within Christianity, all of the major denominations have fallen for his lies and jumped on his bandwagon by questioning the Word of God, denying the divinity of Jesus Christ, accepting sodomy, adultery and immorality as "ok", and lowering the biblical standards for pastors, elders and deacons.

It is my deepest hope and prayer that some, by reading this book, will have their eyes opened to the depths of depravity and manipulation that are going on today and will not only recognize the errors and heresies that are rampant, but will stand on the side of God to denounce and refute them.