Deception in the Church, Pt. 1

"I don't know if Jesus is the only way to heaven...", so says the darling of the name it and claim it bunch, Joel Osteen. Apparently he has never read the Bible. And people follow him?

Dominion Deception

A look at the distortions and fabrications of the Kingdom Now movement, and it's morphed step-child the New Apostolic Reformation.

False Prophets

What is a real prophet? Certainly it's not any of the wandering minstrels going from church to church peddling soft words and easily swallowed lies. Let's take a look at what a REAL prophet is.

Two Kingdoms

Do you think the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven are the same? Well, think again, and go with me into the Word for a definitive look at how the two differ...and how today's "apostles" and "prophets" are confusing them...and you.

Hell is HOT - and real

More people (and pastors/teachers) than ever before don't believe that there is realy a hell...or that God would condemn anyone to it. Another deception from that slimy slithering snake. Let's take a close look at what the Word says about it.

Last Comments

Events around the world are occurring an ever increasing speeds, and just confirm that the return of Jesus is going to be soon...very, very soon. Check back often as we look at new events and their prophetic implications.